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In this picturesque romantic city the bride and groom, Amy and Jonny, celebrated in front of a magnificent backdrop of historic architecture and charming cobblestone streets. The ceremony itself took place in a charming little church surrounded by their closest family & friends. The happy couple and their guests then proceed to a beautiful reception venue, nestled in a quaint cobbled street overlooking the stunning city skyline. The venue is a contemporary design with a unique luxury twist, showing off the original architecture from its former life as a church! With incredible floral drop chandeliers, impressive stained glass windows, chic booth style table settings and scattered candles with subtle glitz.

The Photographs.


The bride and groom walked hand in hand into the city. Their wedding attire adding elegance to the busy city centre. Amy wore a beautifully embellished wedding gown, a creation of intricate details with delicate beading and sequins. Complimented with a stunning matching headband, the perfect accessory that adds a touch of elegance and glamour giving the who look a modern romantic feel. Holding a bouquet of white roses, the beautiful blooms were pure white in colour and tightly bunched together. Jonny wore a luxurious tuxedo made of soft velvet fabric. The jacket is completed with a pristine white rose button hole, and pocket square, paired with a crisp white shirt, a bowtie, and polished leather shoes.


As the photographer I gently directed them, asking them to turn towards each other, chat, laugh and steal kisses! Onlookers stopped to watch with admiration and some even clapping and cheering. The cobbled street backdrop created a charming contrast giving Amy & Jonny the most beautiful, timeless photographs that they can adore forever.


As the sun sets, guests sip on sparkling champagne and indulge in delicious hors d'oeuvres as they mingle and toast to the newlyweds. The couple savours their first dance together as a married couple and guests fill the dance floor with their laughter and joyous energy.


The wedding reception extends long into the night filled with love, laughter and fond memories of the most magical night.


Ceremony ~ The Church of St Mary’s of the angels, Hooton. 

Venue ~ The Guild, Chester 

Florals ~ Happy Bloom

Dress ~ Made with love ‘Lola’ Cheshire. 
Tuxedo ~ Moss Bro’s

MUA ~ All Things Face 

Hair Stylist ~The Boutique Atelier 

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